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Jody Churich, Senior Leadership Team, Vail Resorts

I wish I had this book when I was a college graduate! The key message that really resonated with me is that you are in control of your career journey. The flow of the book is great. It walks you through the important steps of defining your combination of skills, and the importance of leading with your strengths (even when you don’t have robust experience).

I agree with your presentation of mentorship and sponsorship. The book speaks to how important relationships and building networks are to a woman's career. The old school versus the 21st Century mentorship discussion is so dead on. My best career development has been through valuable relationships with mentors I've had who have shaped my career journey.

Building confidence is such a key. I appreciated how you associated that key point with riding a bike and dancing and the importance of continued momentum. The Jumpstart Journal is brilliant. It's a simple planning tool that captures all of the key areas to guide you through the process in a non-overwhelming format. Thanks for sharing your work with me. It is so very valuable. I will reference it often.


Sorority @ Michigan State University
"A lot of the women are on the internship hunt and stressing out future endeavors so I think Careerismo would help a lot."

Sorority @ University of Minnesota
"I just held chapter yesterday and we were able to talk about Careerismo! My chapter would love to accept this amazing opportunity to read your book."

Sorority @ Michigan State University
"I looked at your website and I am so impressed by the initiative of this book. I would be thrilled to share this with the 160 women of our chapter."

Sorority @ University of Texas Austin
"We currently have 265 girls in our chapter (not studying abroad), and I think this would be a great opportunity for each of them to read Careerismo."

Women in Business Student Group @ University of Arizona
"Our organization would like to have 40 downloadable copies of Careerismo!"


Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed: Career Starts Equal Career Gains for Women College Graduates

Congratulations to all women college graduates. You have achieved the goal of education. You are part of the larger group of women in the United States who are more educated than men. This trend, which according to the National Center for Education Statistics started in 2014, has reached a point where 300,000 more women than men will earn college degrees this year. Read more...