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During the past 15 years as a diversity recruiter, I have developed a unique expertise in college-to-career coaching and career start-up activities for college graduates. The coaching packages outlined below correspond to milestones I help you achieve in the Career Progression model. This will allow you to apply concepts from, and extend the teachings of, the book Careerismo.



Through interactions and activities, I coach you on how to connect skills up to interests and options for careers. This helps you develop a foundation to start your career.

Outcomes: You will know your unique combinations of skills and be able to identify your strengths. Having knowledge of your strengths develops self confidence. It also positions you to set goals, assess talents and map out career paths.

Note: If you add Level Two within 30 days after a Level One coaching session, you will only pay the difference of $1,980 in investment between the two packages. If Level Two is added after 30 days there is a charge of 15%, or $295, added for update and review.

 $990 Investment

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I walk you through key steps of the Career Progression model and coach you on how to begin searching for a job. This helps you develop foundation, relationships and application to start your career.

In Level Two, I take you further into the process of starting your career. Only the top job applicants receive this level of insight. It allows you to exercise your full potential sooner and develop greater confidence, which puts more distance between you and your peers.

Outcomes: You will learn how to conduct a qualified job search. This is not a guarantee that you will find a job. However, you will gain insight into your unique combinations of skills, map out career paths and match supply with demand for your talent.

$2970 Investment

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