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What You Need to Know
When You Need It Most
On How to Start a Career

Accelerate Your Career By Three Years


  • The key to unlocking your strengths is found in how you combine skills. By showing how, I allow you to tap more sets of skills which leads to relevant paths and greater opportunities from the start of your career.

  • To avoid underemployment by making your first job count. I explain how to conduct a qualified job search, with more productive use of time, by extending who and what you know.

  • 80 percent of the job market works. I coach you on aligning with the needs of, and cultural fit with, employers. You gain knowledge into employer's hiring activities and generate more confidence as you begin a career.

Beyond the Book

Includes features, posts and updates where I provide depth of coverage on key topics. Plus, career podcasts I co-host with Lynn Ware Peek from NPR Affiliate KPCW. All of which extends the value of the book.

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Career Coaching

Custom college-to-career services which apply the practices of Careerismo. A start-up package identifies your strengths and unique combination of skills. Level II helps you conduct a qualified job search.

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For Higher Ed and Employers who not only value women, but actively participate in building their careers. Review our resolution and join in to help more women transition from college-to-careers.

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