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What You Need to Know
When You Need It Most
On How to Start a Career

Advance Your Career Two Years In Three Hours


  • The key to unlocking your strengths is found in how you combine skills. By revealing how, I allow you to tap more sets of skills which leads to relevant paths and greater opportunities from the start of your career.

  • Avoid underemployment by making your first job count. I direct you on how to conduct a qualified job search, with more productive use of time, by extending who and what you know.

  • I coach you on how to align with the needs of, and cultural fit with, employers. Understanding how the job market works and gaining knowledge into employers hiring activities generates greater confidence as you begin a career.

Inside & Beyond the Book

Key excerpts, infographics and lessons from Careersimo that provide more depth of topic. Further explanations, examples and feedback to extend value of the book. Includes links to insightful blog posts and career podcasts.

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Career Coaching

Custom college-to-career services which apply the practices of Careerismo. A start-up package identifies your strengths and unique combination of skills. Level II helps you conduct a qualified job search.

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For Higher Ed and Employers who not only value women, but actively participate in building their careers. Review our resolution and join in to help more women transition from college-to-careers.

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